How to Brand Your Law Firm

It is hard to define the market strategy that fits well with a law firm. First of all, it doesn’t introduce products to the market. What it does is it offers legal advice and services to those who need it. Legal help is not a daily need by most of the people. These are the reasons why it is hard to brand a law firm. Yes, people will know your name. But they don’t know the quality of the service. They don’t know what “brand” of services you offer. 

Your law firm might employ several attorneys, each with his own field of specialization. Each of them is different in personality with one another. You cannot brand each one of them. If each of your attorneys will exude a personality or a mission that is contrary to what you want for your law firm to project to the public, your law firm might send a wrong impression to potential clients and business partners. 

To effectively create a brand for your law firm, all the employees who are working for you should share the same ideals, which are to provide the most efficient, cost-effective, and professional legal services. Your law firm should not only be known as an office where lawyers work. It should be perceived as a place where lawyers work to serve clients (big or small) with the best legal practice every single time. 

To achieve this, you have to understand the marketplace especially your competitors. You can interview the clients of other law firms through phone surveys or face to face interview. Gather information how other law firms build trust with their clients.  

After learning about the marketplace, discuss the findings with your co-attorneys and your office staffs. Ask for their opinion regarding the best practices and strategies of the firm. Discuss with them on what areas the firm needs to improve based on client’s perception. Ask for their commitment to work with passion, honesty, and professionalism in consonance with the firm’s brand. 

The last step is to devise a way to communicate your brand to the public. The most effective way to this is by creating a branding video for your law firm. Hire a content video production company to make a commercial for your law firm. Viewers will have a better understanding of who you are and what kind of services they can receive. Also, highlight how competent and unintimidating your attorneys and staffs are. People will get drawn to your law firm after watching your commercial for sure. 

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