Most Reputable Law Schools in the World

It takes more than just the prominence and preeminence that a law school becomes the most reputable in the world. Neither does the number of students that are enrolled in the institution puts them on top. Top law schools showed academic excellence and employment success to all its graduates. If you aiming to be the best fbar lawyer, you have to study in the best law school. If you are wondering which law schools performed exceptionally in the recent years, here is the list. 

  1.  Harvard University (Cambridge, MA). Known as one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard Law School has an 87.3% success employment ratefor their students after graduation. The university is focused on molding leaders through their advanced programs for graduate and undergraduate students. 
  2. University of Cambridge (Cambridge, United Kingdom). This is the oldest and the finest law school in the UK, famous for its quality teaching and legal research studies. The faculty of law also holds the oldest law professorship –the Regius Professorship of Civil law, which was established in 1540.  
  3. Yale University (New Haven, CT). This Ivy League school is not only famous for its sports team but a real top performer in delivering excellent training and education in the field of law. A good number of people in the Congress were Yale graduates.    
  4. Stanford University (Stanford, CA). Founded in 1885, Stanford University has etched its name as one of the best in providing comprehensive learning and teaching practices to its students and faculty members alike. They have high success employment rate for all its graduates at 88.2%.
  5. University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia). For more than a century and a half, the University of Melbourne is Australia’s second oldest institution. It is a major destination for international students who want to study law due to its flexible and advanced programs in the field of law.    

 There are tons of great law schools around the world but these five have not only been a great provider of learning and extensive training in different practice areas in the field of law for its students, they too have given back helpful resources to the community and the world.   

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